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Succesful treatment of varicose and thread veins helps our patients to regain their confidence

When choosing a varicose vein treatment, choosing what is right for you is important. We work with our patients to tailor the right treatment for them. We offer a complete range of vein treatments that are currently available so can meet your every need.


We operate a strict policy that there is no pressure or obligation from us. We aim to offer you all of the information that you need so that 

you are informed about your healthcare decision.


There have been significant advancements over recent years in the management of varicose veins with treatments now being able to be under local anaesthetic on a walk-in walk-out basis which offers significant advantages to conventional surgery.

At Anglia Vein Clinic, we have been performing minimally invasive treatments such as EVLT & radiofrequency for over 10 years and have now treated more than 1,000 patients using the full range of both surgical and minimally invasive treatments.

Normal and failing venous valves

Vein Function


Your veins help carry blood around your body and back to your heart.  You have valves in your veins that help to make sure that they go back to your heart. Sometimes, the valves in your veins become separated and stop working so the blood travels down your leg veins. It is this that causes varicose veins.


The three main types of veins


Truncal varicose veins come from superficial veins. These are thick and lumpy and usually clearly visible.


Reticular veins come from smaller branches of the superficial veins. They tend to be less lumpy.


Spider veins (or thread veins). These are the most minor branches of the superficial veins. These are the very tiny veins you see on the skin's surface.


Whether you are looking for advice because you don't like the look of your veins or if they provide you with pain and discomfort, we will be able to manage and treat your symptoms accordingly offering a range of treatments depending on the types of troublesome veins you present with.


Treatment options

The best treatment for you will depend partly on the type of varicose veins you have.


We offer:

Endothermal ablation - This minimally invasive procedure is suitable for treating the larger trunk varicose veins.  It involves using a catheter which heats the vein and seals it shut from the inside. You can be treated under local anaesthetic and should be able to resume normal activities very quickly.

Foam Sclerotherapy - This is best for tortuous veins that a catheter will not be able to be passed up. It is a treatment under local anaesthetic. You make a small injection and using foam, it safely destroys the problematic veins

Surgery - This is the traditional way to deal with trunk varicose veins.  This is still suitable if you have extensive varicose veins or if you have had veins that have grown back in an un-uniform fashion. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and you should be able to carry on your normal activities in a few days.

Some patients will require a combination of treatments but we will tailor it according to your needs.

A succesful treatment improves both symptoms and aesthetic appearances
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